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Divorce mediation is an alternative method of dispute resolution that allows families to come to resolutions that meet their particular needs. Since receiving her original 40 hour training in Mediation from the Center for Conflict Resolution, Sandra has guided families through the process of divorce mediation.

Mediation offers myriad benefits, including:

  • Control over the outcome: Through mediation, you retain a greater measure of control over your own future and the costs of your divorce/separation proceedings.
  • Outcomes that meet your unique needs: Mediation is an optimal method for families who need to craft specialized parenting plans. It is also beneficial to parents with complicated schedules.
  • Confidentiality: Like Collaborative Law, mediation is private and confidential. Only those items which are mutually agreed upon by the parties and captured by the mediator in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) can become part of the public record. This allows frank discussion of many topics which parties may not otherwise feel comfortable talking about as part of a publicized court proceeding.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Mediation can save thousands in court and formal litigation discovery costs.

A mediator is a neutral party, who does not represent or advise either side. Instead a mediator facilitates communication by listening closely to each side with openness and respect. The nature of the mediation process allows the mediator to learn about the way your family works and help the family to fashion workable future-focused solutions. Once agreements are reached they are captured by the mediator in Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs). These MOU can then easily be converted in to the court documents needed to complete the divorce process.

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Mediator, Sandra Crawford was first trained in mediation with the Center for Conflict Resolution in 1993. Since then, she has trained other professionals (judges, lawyers, mental health and financial professionals) in the model and has lectured and written on the topic of mediation and other models of dispute relationsĀ  Sandra has assisted in the training of new mediators at Northwestern University School of Continuing Learning since 2006 and co-founded, Trainers for the Advancement of Collaborative Practice, which incorporates mediation skills and tools

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Consider resolving your family law, civil union dissolution, and related disputes through the process of mediation. Sandra Crawford will help you find creative solutions to your interpersonal conflicts. Learn more about what mediation can do for you by contacting Sanra Crawford, Mediator in Illinois, at 312-726-8766.