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Divorce is stressful enough. If the thought of a judge in a black robe deciding your fate adds to your anxieties, know that there are alternatives to litigation. For over two decades, Law Crawford, P.C., has helped families arrive at sustainable agreements using mediation and since 2002 using the Collaborative Law model of dispute resolution.

Collaborative Law and mediation offer many tangible benefits such as:

  • Privacy: In litigation, everything that is said can become part of a public record that can be accessible to anyone, including the press and third parties unrelated to the court case. Collaborative Law and mediation are private and confidential processes and through those processes what is eventually reported in the public record can be tailored.
  • Efficiency: Collaborative Law and mediation allows both parties to set their own timetable, avoiding the delays that can happen in crowded and underfunded court systems.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Costs can be better managed in the Collaborative Law and mediation settings and are less likely to escalate.
  • Guided team approach: Collaborative Law is facilitated by a trained professional team that comprises lawyers, mental health professionals and other specialists who can guide each side to more effective communications, disclosure of information and problem solving.
  • Mutually created settlements: In court, a judge has the final say over the outcome of issues if parties do not reach resolution. Of the outcome. So, in court process it is more likely that one side one side usually will walks away unhappy with the result. In a Collaborative Law or mediation, both sides work together to craft to address conflict effectively and a to craft settlements which will that meets the needs of everyone involved, including the children (if the matter involves children).
  • Final and Sustainable agreements: Collaborative Law and mediation facilitates the restructuring of families, leading people to find new sustainable ways of working together and new ways of resolving conflicts. Additionally, mutually created settlements mutually crafted with the assistance of an interdisciplinary team has been shown to reduce the need to return to the courthouse once the final judgment is entered – this results in significant costs savings and eliminates the need to re-litigate old issues and provides closure.

Cook County Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Collaborative Law attorney Sandra Crawford is part of an international community of Collaborative Law professionals and mediators. She is a strong proponent of alternate disputes resolution (ADR) and future-focused outcomes. Through ADR collaborative law, Ms. Crawford empowers her clients to discover new methods of problem solving and to take control over their own fates.

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