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When a couple or family faces divorce or separation, the aftereffects can be lifelong, particularly for children. That is why Law Crawford, P.C.,

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Divorce mediation is an alternative method of dispute resolution that allows families to come to resolutions that meet their particular needs.

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Divorce is stressful enough. If the thought of a judge in a black robe deciding your fate adds to your anxieties, know that there are alternatives

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Even with the rise of alternative forms of dispute resolution over the past three decades, litigation is still the predominant model of dispute resolution in Illinois,

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Serving Greater Chicago For More Than 29 Years

The families and couples who survive divorce and separation best are the ones who remain problem-solving and future-focused throughout their legal process. The firm Law Crawford, P.C., offers clients different options for navigating the legal process of divorce and separation in a manner which fosters civility, respectful resolutions and sustainable outcomes.

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Cook and Surrounding Counties Family Law Attorney

Sandra Crawford is an experienced family law attorney who has helped families find workable solutions for more than 29 years. She is experienced in litigation and is also trained in alternative forms of dispute resolution, which offers families and separating couples different options for resolving issues around divorce, child custody, child support, civil union dissolutions and other issues.

Collaborative Law and mediation are cost-effective process options which allow clients to retain more control over the outcomes of their cases, than traditional court process. Ms. Crawford is a member of several collaborative law organizations and committees, including the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (which comprises 5,000 collaborative professionals worldwide). The Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois (which is the largest organization of trained Collaborative Law practitioners in Illinois), and the Illinois State Bar Association Section Council for Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Ms. Crawford is also a respected family law professional who represents clients inside and outside the courtroom with professionalism and excellence. Whether you are seeking her help for a pre-nuptial agreement, a divorce, a child custody matter or a post-decree modification, Ms. Crawford will help you find the solution which best suits your needs, your budget and your unique family circumstances.

Sandra Crawford

For the past 29 years Sandra has dedicated her legal practice to educating and leading clients to the clearest path to resolution of their unique legal issues. She helps distressed families and partnerships move out of conflict using the most appropriate legal dispute resolution model, be that: the Collaborative Practice, mediation, limited scope representation or litigation. As legal disputes and status adjustments (like dissolutions of marriages or partnerships) can be costly in terms of money, time lost, and emotional stress, it is critical for people facing such life changing events to be educated about and understand clearly their legal options and the various paths to resolution available before proceeding.


Sandra is a very reasonably priced, efficient, and supportive attorney. She helped me through the final stages of a rather lengthy divorce process, and explained each step clearly and helpfully. By the time we arrived at the court date, I felt confident that all would go without a hitch, and it did. Sandra explained all of the options up front and worked together with me and my ex-spouse for the benefit of our entire family. I would recommend her to anyone.


5 Reasons to Choose Sandra

She supports her clients in addressing all aspects of divorce and separation, including the legal, emotional and financial ramifications of those life transitions;

She is committed to helping clients learn new communication tools and skills which will help them more effectively manage conflicts in the future;

She is efficient and effective in representing individuals and families who want to resolve their disputes respectfully outside of the traditional court process;

For those who need an advocate to represent them in court proceedings, she has long track record of negotiating agreements and settling litigation matters;

She is committed to peace building and helping her clients to move out of blame and distress into healthier and happier lives.

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